Don & Di have been busy marking out lawns so that we can get back to playing but with certain restrictions.
once the lawns are ready the chairman will let everyone know the rules regarding play…..

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please remember that the AGM is on Friday 29th November at the Richmond @ 7:30pm

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Tony Thomas was last weekend awarded CA award


Tony Thomas was awarded the CA certificate for his input to croquet over the years.

He and 3 others were awarded the certificates following the AGM

Tony and his wife, Kath were invited to a lunch after the presentation, which was then followed by an enjoyable walk around the grounds at Hurlingham which borders the banks of the Thames

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Alain Giraud wins the Sandiford Salver Advanced Croquet Tournament


Alain Giraud won an exciting final game against Paul Rigge to win the Sandiford Salver at Southport’s September Advanced Tournament.


In an injury-affected event, only six players made it to the last day. Giraud and Rigge played a best-of-five final. Alain won the first two quickly, before Paul completed a TPO in the third. Both players clawed their way around, until Rigge left just two balls on the lawn, with himself for peg vs Giraud for rover. Alain hit his last shot and rolled off his hoop to win by one.

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Weekend Handicap Croquet ….Southport v Bowdon Firs

The weekend handicap A/C team played their last fixture against Bowdon Firs on Saturday7th Septand I am glad to report that we won, 4 – 3 Barbara had to retire with a bad back so the game was awarded to Bowdon
We were 3 up after the morning session but the afternoon session became very tense – we lost 2 and the last game went to the “golden hoop”. It took 20 very tense minutes for it to be scored to give Southport a satisfactory win.
The team was Gail, Brian, Tony and Barbara.
report bt Barbara Haslam
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Weekend Handicap Association Croquet League….Fylde v Southport

Gail Moors and Peter Williams had never played at Fylde before, so it was a good thing that Tony Thomas and Brian Lewis came along to show us the way! Southport were 2 – 1 up at lunchtime including a fourth consecutive doubles victory for Gail and Peter, both using their bisque advantage to good effect.

Whilst the nation was engrossed watching Ben Stokes in the test match, the real excitement was happening at Fylde!! All four games in the afternoon went to time and all four games were settled by one point. The tightest of all finishes was Gail’s victory on the golden hoop and with her ball through penult by no more than a millimetre! Southport were 5 – 2 winners on the day – a very good team performance. We were made to feel very welcome by the Fylde members and were able to join in Betty Bates’ birthday celebration with a rousing chorus and cake!


report by Peter Williams

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Short Croquet League….Bury v Southport

Peter Williams, Eileen R., Barbara R. and Barbara H. played at Bury, Whitehead Park.
The weather was good, a shower while we ate, and the company was good. Unfortunately we lost.
Playing two 10’s, a 9 and a 1p. we were out bisqued – if you win the toss you have a definite advantage going in first with 10 bisques. We all tried very hard but it ended up with Bury winning 12-4
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Handicap Mid week Croquet League…..Chester v Southport

It was the same team as against Bowdon, being Peter Williams, Eileen Rossiter, Pauline Rooney and Gail Moors

We lost 5-2 sadly.

The BBC certainly got the weather forecast correct for the morning games. We fought against the rain all morning on the notorious sloping lawns. Peter and Gail in the doubles against Robin Tasker and Sarah Andrew joined by a mischievous canine friend who took great pleasure in moving the balls on the east baulk a couple of feet to neither teams advantage. With the rule book in hand, we couldnt find any laws relating to the outcome of such mischief other than shoooing him off the lawns and to his owner!!

The outcome of the doubles was 18-6 to Southport yeah!! Unfortunately Eileen and Pauline didnt have the same success and weren’t too impressed with the continued deluge of Cheshire rain losing both of their games marginally.

A brighter afternoon cheered the spirits up for all, Chester ahead 2-1.

Peter Williams magic mallet didnt work for him today, suggesting its demise on a bonfire!!
Gail soldiered on against Robin, winning plus 2, with only one ball on her side for the last hour of the game, going to time.

Pauline and Eileen both had reasonable games against their opponents but not strong enough to win against the slopes, but we all played our best and thats all you can ask for.

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