Midweek Handicap Croquet League….Southport v Fylde

The day dawned wet and bleak, requiring a very early morning lawns inspection in Victoria Park by Southport’s Midweek Croquet League captain Tony Thomas. Tony optimistically declared the lawns playable and Fylde started their journey to Southport. Meanwhile the heavens opened again and it was touch and go whether play would be viable.


At 10.00 am the teams took to some very puddled and squelchy lawns where it was just about possible to knock a ball from corner to corner. Fylde are a very strong side, their two leading players being two of the best in the North West. For Southport’s team, Tony Thomas selected the tactical genius Carol Lewis, plus the experience of John Mawdsley and David Key.


Morning play was interesting as players attempted to avoid the wettest parts of the lawns. Tony Thomas was just beaten by the Fylde number one player, but David Key secured a good win. Meanwhile, in the doubles game, Carol Lewis showed great tactical awareness to restrict opportunities for the Fylde pairing and secured the vital victory, sending Southport into lunch leading 2-1.


Meanwhile the weather took a turn for the better and with the lawns rapidly improving in the afternoon sunshine Southport maintained their good form, with each player developing good breaks to keep their Fylde opponents at bay.


Tony Thomas secured a good win against the Fylde number two, followed by Carol Lewis defeating the Fylde number one player in a game of high skills and good hoop running, securing an unbeatable team lead of 4-1.


With confidence high, David Key successfully battled his way round the lawns followed by a final flourish from John Mawdsley who achieved a truly clinical win.

Final score Southport 6, Fylde 1.  A well deserved, if unexpected victory.


The club is currently running a beginners course for people wishing to learn to play croquet and contact information is available on the club website.


Picture shows, John Mawdsley leaves a puddled lawn.John Mawdsley leaves a puddled lawn

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Croquet Handicap League…Southport v Pendle

The sun shone on the croquet lawns of Victoria Park like a good omen after all the delays because of rain, and the Southport Handicap Croquet team responded with some excellent play. Team captain Eileen Gallagher selected Carol and Brian Lewis, with Eileen Rossiter for her team, experienced and reliable players.


Eileen and Carol Lewis played the morning doubles in a scrappy game, managing to achieve an early win to start the day’s play. Brian Lewis could make no headway in his singles game, losing to his Pendle opponent in spite of a determined struggle.


A really epic game was taking place on Eileen Rossiter’s lawn as she single handedly took on Pendle’s star player, Roger Schofield, whose handicap was a daunting 1.


Eileen managed to get control of the lawn, taking both her colours round to the peg. But as play passed to Roger Schofield, he pegged out one of Eileen’s colours, despatching the other to the boundary and was preparing to win the game. Eileen had other ideas. Taking careful aim from the very corner of the lawn where Roger had relegated her, she swung a true mallet line hitting the peg from great distance and stealing the match from under his nose – making the lunchtime score Southport 2, Pendle 1.


In the afternoon Eileen Gallagher played an easy singles win, but Eileen Rossiter was unable to get the better of her opponent. Carol, meantime, was facing Roger Schofield and skilfully controlling the lawn, but he took full advantage the mistake that let him in, taking both colours right round to peg.


Everything now depended on the final game being played by Brian Lewis against Pendle’s Garry Wilson. They were fairly evenly matched in handicap, but Brian proved the better player on the day, playing very well to peg out the winner, giving Southport the winning score of Southport 4, Pendle 3.


Picture shows, Eileen Gallagher concentrates on a shot.Eileen Rossiter concentrates on a shot

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Short Croquet League….Chester v Southport

Southport’s Short Croquet team were away to Chester at the weekend. Team Captain Carol Lewis selected a strong team with Brian Lewis, Diana Williamson and Eileen Rossiter. Their opponents were less experienced, but armed with many bisques to balance play.


But there was no stopping the Southport squad, as the cold wet morning gave way to a freezing dry afternoon they steamed ahead, Carol and Eileen winning three games each, Brian and Diana winning two. End of play found the winning score as

Chester 6, Southport 10.

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Level Play Golf Croquet League….Southport v Pendle

In Midweek, Southport and Birkdale Croquet Club made a team debut this week by playing their first ever match in the North West Level Play Golf Croquet League. Play is very skilful; hoops can be run from great distances, smashing opponent’s colours out of the way.


This version of croquet is played three a side and for the club’s first match in this league, Captain Alan Farrell selected top player Don Williamson and the experienced Tony Thomas. They were facing a strong Pendle side; two of their players have just returned from a very successful tournament challenge in Edinburgh.


The format is ‘all play all’ twice, giving a total of 18 games during the day. Southport’s team settled quickly into this new format, the home lawns playing very well in the April sunshine and by lunchtime the team had established a 6-3 lead with each player winning two games.


Confidence high, the team played some adventurous croquet in the afternoon, excellent hoop running combined with safe tactical play and eventually finished the day with four wins each, giving a final score of

Southport 12, Pendle 6.players


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Croquet Handicap League….Southport v Crake Valley

Croquet Handicap League

Southport 6 – Crake Valley 1


After several weeks of deferred games because of sodden lawns and bad weather, the croquet season finally got underway at Southport with the visit of crake Valley team to play their first game of the Handicap League.  The day was bright sunshine, but chilled through a freezing wind.


Southport’s captain, Eileen Gallagher selected Brian Lewis, Carol Lewis and John Mawdsley for her team, and undertook the morning g doubles herself, partnered by Carole. They made an efficient team, winning the game in great form. Brian enhanced their lead by winning a singles game and the lunchtime score was 2 – 1 to Southport.


Southport went into the afternoon with confidence, winning every game. Eileen and John initially sat to watch their respective opponents dominate the lawn until all the bisques were used up and they then went into attack, demolishing the opposition. Carole’s play was inspired and showed great form throughout the day, winning all her games in brilliant style.


Crake left defeated, the score Southport 6, Crake Valley 1.


Picture Shows left to right: Eileen Gallagher and Carol LewisEileen Carol _0978Eileen Carol


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unfortunately we have had to cancel the tournament due to the saturated lawns , and in view of the bad weather forecast for Friday and Saturday…..

any rain on top of what we have had would very soon cause flooding

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The season will open on 9th April this year

It is slightly later than usual because of the very wet conditions we have had over the winter.

The committee decided this so that the lawn preparation team can have all the south lawns up to standard in time for the golf croquet match versus Fylde and also the following week, the first weekend tournament ( April Advanced Tournament )


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we have just got to endure NEW YEAR and then its back to normal and looking forward to a new season

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SBCC Annual General Meeting 2015

SBCC Annual General General Meeting 2015 by Kath Thomas

The Annual General Meeting of Southport and Birkdale Croquet Club was held at Emmanuel Church Hall this week.  High on the agenda was naturally lawn care and members were appraised of the long term need to replace ageing machinery. The devoted efforts of many members in their care for the grass and club property was highly commended and following the election of the committee for  2016, the Croquet Club’s President Professor Alan Pidcock presented engraved trophies won by members in the eagerly contested internal tournaments. Gordon Melville won the 18 Point Shield, Derek Lunt won the Golf Croquet trophy, Terence Dunbar won 1st/2nd year Golf, Jennifer Mawdsley Short Croquet trophy, John Mawdsley the President’s Cup, Brian Lewis the American Cup, David Key the 14 Point Plate, and Fran Maher to White Tops Cup. The Golf Croquet Team were also presented with the North West Federation Golf Croquet Trophy, to which they were proud to have added their names this year.

Picture shows 2015 award winners, l to r Gordon Melville; Derek Lunt; Terry Dunbar; Jennifer Mawdsley; John Mawdsley; Brian Lewis; David Key; Fran Maher.AGM Presentations
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Southport & Birkdale Croquet Club

Victoria Park, Rotten Row, Southport, PR8 2BZ

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Friday 27 November 2015 at 7.30 pm

at the Old Church Hall, Emmanuel Church,

Cambridge Road, Southport, PR9 9PR

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