Finals Day……Oct 2nd……..includes matches for 1st & 2nd year players

Below is the Order of Play for Finals day this coming Sunday. Would all 1st and 2nd year members note that there is a fun golf event for you with a trophy for the winner. You will see that it starts at 1.30 so please put your name on the notice in the clubhouse so that Alan Farrell knows how may are taking part. You can email/ring him .There is a Jacob’s Join after the matches have finished and we have had the presentations. This should at about 4.15.This is our last event of the season so please come and enjoy the day. John Haslam

Hon Sec.

All finalist in whites but 1st/2nd year only need a white top.

Comp.         Lawn    Time              Finalists


CHAIRMANS’      1        1.00pm   RAY LOWE v JOHN HASLAM




AMERICAN         1       9.30am   TONY THOMAS v ALAN FARRELL


18 POINT          3       12 noon    IAN GOULDEN v GAIL MOORS


SHORT              3      3.00pm    DEREK LUNT v GAIL MOORS


LP GOLF           2       10.00am    BRIAN KERR v RAY LOWE


GOLF                3       9.30am    CHRIS SWEENEY v TERRY DUNBAR


1st & 2nd Year   4&5(6)  1.30pm    GOLF CROQUET ENTRANTS


14 POINT    Champion  PAULINE ROONEY   Runner-Up  DAVID KEY

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