Golf Croquet League Southport v Bury

Southport 12 – Bury North 6

Southport Golf Croquet Team pulled out all the stops at the weekend to give the Club the much needed win that would raise morale. Captain Don Williamson fielded a team of ladies – Mary Warren, Jennifer Mawdsley and Maureen Broderick, against Bury North and they did not disappoint.  Jennifer and Mary began the day well by winning their morning doubles game. Jennifer Mawdsley showed her usual brilliant form, going on to win all her singles games. But star of the match was Maureen Broderick who’s hitting in demonstrated some amazingly accurate front of hoop ball placement. But the opposition were no walkover and fought back every inch of the way, forcing Maureen to contest two golden hoops in sudden death finishes. But she proved unstoppable, winning all four singles games. “I couldn’t believe it!” said Maureen, “I kept asking myself – did I really do that?” Don complimented his team’s performance, saying that it was a result of hard work and intensive coaching.

photo shows Maureen Broderick in play

Maureen Broderick2

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