Handicap Croquet Bury v Southport

Handicap League
Bury Peelers 4 – Southport 3

Team captain Eileen Gallagher selected a strong team of Eileen Rossiter, Carol Lewis and Barbara Haslam when Southport’s Croquet Handicap team travelled to Coronation Park, Bury for their away match at the weekend. Bury’s beautiful lawns were in perfect condition and played very fast, with play at times in a snowstorm of white blossom from the park trees.

In the morning doubles Carol Lewis and Eileen Rossiter played an excellent game and gained Southport’s first win of the match. But the day began badly for Eileen Gallagher and Barbara Haslam in the singles; Eileen getting as far as ‘rover’ hoop only to let her opponent in, who then ran quickly through the whole lawn to peg out. Lunchtime score was 2-1 to Bury.

Eileen enjoyed better luck in the afternoon and won her game, swiftly progressing through all the hoops to peg. Carol Lewis was less lucky and lost her game, but Barbara Haslam won, compensating for her morning defeat and in spite of losing an excellent lead she had been building; which gave her Bury opponent a dangerous opening as both players had their second colour at peg. But Barbara managed to hold her own for an exciting finish and pegged out to a well deserved win. Final score Bury 4, Southport 3.

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