Handicap Mid week Croquet League…..Chester v Southport

It was the same team as against Bowdon, being Peter Williams, Eileen Rossiter, Pauline Rooney and Gail Moors

We lost 5-2 sadly.

The BBC certainly got the weather forecast correct for the morning games. We fought against the rain all morning on the notorious sloping lawns. Peter and Gail in the doubles against Robin Tasker and Sarah Andrew joined by a mischievous canine friend who took great pleasure in moving the balls on the east baulk a couple of feet to neither teams advantage. With the rule book in hand, we couldnt find any laws relating to the outcome of such mischief other than shoooing him off the lawns and to his owner!!

The outcome of the doubles was 18-6 to Southport yeah!! Unfortunately Eileen and Pauline didnt have the same success and weren’t too impressed with the continued deluge of Cheshire rain losing both of their games marginally.

A brighter afternoon cheered the spirits up for all, Chester ahead 2-1.

Peter Williams magic mallet didnt work for him today, suggesting its demise on a bonfire!!
Gail soldiered on against Robin, winning plus 2, with only one ball on her side for the last hour of the game, going to time.

Pauline and Eileen both had reasonable games against their opponents but not strong enough to win against the slopes, but we all played our best and thats all you can ask for.

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