Brilliant weather, over 48 people, very strangely decorated Croquet lawns capped with players carrying Egg and Spoons or wearing Pirate Hats or firing croquet balls from ramp into a water container – nothing unusual at all – just another Fun Day at Southport.  This was team GB on the croquet lawns with a range of croquet challenges from the mundane to the wacky.  Competitors ranged from teenage to nineties as teams battled it out through 14 events, there was blood (one of the managers tripped over a hoop), sweat (as competitors nervously awaited their moments of glory) and tears (of laughter) as the afternoon unfolded to an exciting finish.

The winning teams were presented with medals to a backdrop of the Union Jack whilst the spectators gave a rendition of the National Anthem.

Gold medalists – Andy Sweeney; Brian Lewis; Maureen Jeffrey; Alice Dawson.
Silver Medallists – Ray Lowe; Lesley Winsland; Barbara Nodwell; Tracy Moors.
Bronze medallists – Anne Mitchell; Chris Sweeney; Malcolm Lunn; Terry Dunbar

Silver Medallists_9403Bronze Medallists_9401

Gold Medallists_9410

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