Southport Super B and B level Tournament

Southport Super B and B Level Tournament 21/22 July 2018

Sixteen players from across the land assembled under grey Southport skies for this annual tournament.  The recent rain was a gift from above for the parched lawns after the recent hit spell, which had now regained their green colour.

The Super B was an ‘all play all’ format whilst the B Level was played as a ‘Swiss’ format.  The players forming two very competitive events managed by John Haslam.

Super B – Martin Beacon (2 Nottingham); Kevin Carter (o Surbiton); Andy Dibbon (o Surbiton); Edward Dymock (2.5 Surbiton); Michael Finnigan (3 Nottingham); Clive Goode (0.5 Nottingham); Derek Knight (1.5 Beverley); Beatrice McGlen (0 Nottingham); 
B Level – Jim Allcock (5 Crake);   Graham Good (7 Bowdon); David Lloyd (4.5 Crake); Sophie McGlenn (9 Nottingham); Alan Pidcock (3 Southport); Michael Steer (5 Bowdon); Sylvia Steer (6 Bowdon); Don Williamson (3 Southport).



The Super B was won by Beatrice Mc Glen from Nottingham with the Runner Up being Clive Goode also from Nottingham.  Beatrice also had a handicap reduction to -0.5.

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