The Carol Lewis Memorial Trophy ( May Handicap Cup )







The Carol Lewis Memorial Weekend

18th and 19th May 2019

Twelve players representing clubs from Middlesbrough, Crake Valley, Fylde, Bury, Pendle, Cheltenham and Southport arrived to start play at 9.30am. Although the forecast rain did not materialise the cold wind made some of those in shorts regret the decision. The afternoons on both days were much warmer.

Handicaps were from -1 to 22 providing an interesting mix of skills. Play started in blocks of four with the block winners and the highest scoring other players going through to the finals on the Sunday.

The block winners were Paul Rigge (-1), Gail Moors (18), with Brian Shorney (7) and Peter Williams (22) as the highest scoring players. During the block matches Paul completed a quadruple peel on his way to the semi finals.

In the semi finals Paul played Brian and won with Peter playing Gail and winning after a hard but even match leaving Paul to play Peter in the final.

In the final Peter used his bisque advantage with effect, resulting in a 26-13 win and the trophy for the Southport player. He has now had his handicap reduced to 18 to reflect his play over the weekend.

My thanks go to the players and to Don Williamson, John Haslam, Ray Lowe and Paul Rigge for the help they gave me in managing my first tournament.

Jim Allcock

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