Weekend Handicap Association Croquet League….Fylde v Southport

Gail Moors and Peter Williams had never played at Fylde before, so it was a good thing that Tony Thomas and Brian Lewis came along to show us the way! Southport were 2 – 1 up at lunchtime including a fourth consecutive doubles victory for Gail and Peter, both using their bisque advantage to good effect.

Whilst the nation was engrossed watching Ben Stokes in the test match, the real excitement was happening at Fylde!! All four games in the afternoon went to time and all four games were settled by one point. The tightest of all finishes was Gail’s victory on the golden hoop and with her ball through penult by no more than a millimetre! Southport were 5 – 2 winners on the day – a very good team performance. We were made to feel very welcome by the Fylde members and were able to join in Betty Bates’ birthday celebration with a rousing chorus and cake!


report by Peter Williams

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